BDS movement and future restrictions, including activists black list.
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 About believes in maintaining open relations between America and its ally Israel and assisting in the fight against Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel. The project is targeting specifically the BDS movement in NY.
The project is composed of a group of concerned individuals who consider themselves to be analytical in their approach to the BDS movement. Our interests lie in exposing those who would choose to harm America’s allies and we seek to spread accurate news sources and political analysis as it relates to anti-BDS.

Categories is targeting BDS supporters across three separate categories; Campuses, Private Sector, and the Public Sector including NGO’s. While there is some percentage of crossover between these three categories in the types of people involved, we feel it is important to make a clear distinction so you can be informed about the faces behind this political issue are.


Individuals that work for or in academia across the USA. Professors, instructors, researchers, and academic institutions associated with BDS.

Private Sector

Individuals who work in non-governmental businesses, corporations and industries.

Public Sector and NGO’s

Individuals that work in government agencies, public agencies and Non-governmental Aid Organizations that support BDS.

Bill S2492 is tirelessly working to support the passing of Bill S2492. The bill, once passed, would prohibit the investment in persons or businesses that support Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel. The Bill has garnered support from various members of office including Senator Elaine Phillips and Governor Andrew Cuomo. Similar Bills exist in North Carolina, Texas, and Illinois. The exposure of individuals who support BDS will facilitate penalization when the Bill is signed into law and make it easier for authorities to apprehend offenders.

OutLawBDS needs your assistance to ensure all supporters of BDS in the New York area are exposed and brought to the proper authorities. Please contact us with information regarding individuals who should be recorded in our database.